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Non-chemical, environmentally friendly air care solution for your home, caravan and nursing home.
With no masking of odours, no consumables, just Ozofresh air.

Ozofresh in CARE HOMES

First impressions count when you walk into any care home! Potential residents and their families will be put off by unpleasant odours or an overpowering smell of air fresheners, which suggests bad smells are being masked. To show you have good hygiene standards, you need something extra to make everything come up smelling of fresh air.

The Ozofresh plug in provide the latest Ozone technology at a price you can afford, eradicating all odours, leaving your premises smelling of fresh air without the use of chemicals.

The Ozofresh plug in is the natural choice for any care home looking to:

  • Help meet CQC essential standards.
  • Keep that smell of fresh air, and reduce the smells of those overpowering scented air fresheners.
  • Save money on costly chemical air fresheners that only mask bad smells.

The Ozofresh plug In unit is our most popular Ozone air purifier as it is portable and can be plugged into any powerpoint, acting in the background, keeping all unwanted odours to a minimum! A good reason your Care Home should invest in our new Ozofresh plug in.

Presenting Ozofresh - The chemical free, natural solution to lingering odours that does not just mask smells with a perfume, it destroys them - permanently.

The Ozofresh Plugin is made to blend comfortably into;

  • Your home
  • Office
  • Reception area
  • Anywhere you need odour control.

The shape is specifically designed to fit easily into the hand without having to touch either the intake our outlet grills.

The curved edges mean that you can reach the on/off switch on a standard UK socket without unplugging the machine everytime. The PlugIn is portable and safe to move around as needed, and neutral white will blend easily into any decor.

Some of the things people have said about the Ozofresh Plugin.

Prior to using the Ozofresh Plugin Air Purifier, we used an ‘off the shelf’ chemical based plug in air freshener… Read more

Hilary (Northampton)

The plug ins have been well received and working hard to combat the smell of drugs from our property stores.
We have also used them in office areas to clean the air.

Overall really good.

FM Company (Somerset)

In one of our student accommodation buildings in Portsmouth, odours from the refuse store travel into our main lift lobby… Read more

Nicky Greaney
Housekeeping Supervisor

The Ozofresh Plugin not only cleared the one difficult odour, it stopped it reoccurring… Read more

Fran Edmunds –
Stonebridge Care Home (Redditch)

The Ozofresh PlugIn works quickly and effectively, its lightweight and is suitable for our care home… Read more

Housekeeping Supervisor – Haling Park Care Home, South Croydon