What makes the Ozofresh PlugIn different to chemical air fresheners?


How much does it cost to run the Ozofresh PlugIn

Well, it is never easy to precisely estimate something where the use will vary but the running costs are very low compared to a standard, harsh chemical, odour masking product.

Does the Ozofresh PlugIn kill bacteria

O3 has a disinfectant and bacterial potential but the Ozofresh PlugIn is not a medical device. Our video above explains more.

How long will the Ozofresh PlugIn effects last

Used correctly the machine itself will last at least 1 year. The effects of each application will last until the odour is re-introduced. See our video for more information.

Is the Ozofresh PlugIn safe?

There is a lot of misinformation about O3 on the internet and this can lead to some misunderstanding about the use and safe application of O3 devices. The Ozofresh PlugIn is tested and designed in the UK to meet all applicable standards. See the video for more information.

Why is the Ozofresh different from an Air Freshener?

Although the Ozofresh PlugIn may bear a passing resemblance to a traditional chemical air device they have little in common. A standard freshener works by producing a chemical ‘soup’ often containing an array of artificial perfumes and other components such as formaldehyde and petroleum distillates which artificially cover up an odour for a short while. The Ozofresh PlugIn uses its clever internal electronics to ‘activate’ small amounts of the oxygen around it. The activated O3 then grabs and destroys odours.

Does it give off a scent?

No, well, not in the way most people think of the overpowering smells of air fresheners. The process of activating the oxygen does result in a short lived fresh smell. Many people compare the slight residual clean smell the PlugIn creates to the atmosphere after a storm or high altitude, very clean, air. If this becomes too strong, that is a sign the device has done its work and can be switched off until you need it again.

The purpose of the Ozofresh PlugIn is to destroy odours unlike other devices which use harsh chemicals to just mask existing smells by creating artificial, very strong, new ones.

Is it cost effective?


Depending on how much you use it the device will last a year and commonly well beyond that. An oil based distributor will typically run out in between 2 – 4 weeks. So the annual spend on a device and then refills (based on a quick look on a major supermarket site) say, for example, a persistent dog or cat odour, would cost around £5 – 6 for the initial device and then around £7.50 a month for refills. That is a total of £80+only to add to the existing odour and an attempt to cover up the smell.

Assuming your Ozofresh PlugIn only lasts 1 year warranty period you will still save money and is likely to last much longer, increasing your savings.

Is it safe around pets?

Yes. Subject to the safe instruction in the manual the device is perfect for pet odours. In fact, many of us in the Ozofresh PlugIn team are pet owners varying in size from Hamster to Dogs. We all use the Ozofresh PlugIn to some degree to control pet odours. We do recommend that you do not use the device in very close proximity to smaller animals such as Gerbils or pet birds however there is no need to remove pets, fish, plants or anything else from the room when using the Ozofresh PlugIn as, unlike air fresheners, it is not spraying a chemical into the air.

Can I use in a bedroom?

Yes, there is no reason why the Ozofresh PlugIn cannot be used in a standard domestic bedroom. As with all air products you may wish to make sure it is away from the area of your bed and pillows (to stop it becoming concentrated in the night or the fan disturbing you as you sleep) or run it for a period before and after occupation. Probably the best way to use the device is to run it for a suitable time in the morning to clear the night odours from a room and then, if needed again a little while before the room is used for the night. That way you will benefit from the Ozofresh PlugIn to get a good nights sleep.

Some people have reported back to us that the Ozofresh can help reduce night time coughing and even snoring but we cannot endorse this view and we do not claim that this is the case. However, several people have reported some reduction in hay fever and dust allergy symptoms. We are looking at having this tested in the future but for now we cannot conclusively say this is the case.

I run a care home, will the PlugIn work for me?

Very much so. In fact there are hundreds of Ozofresh devices from our full range of the ‘Fresh Air Family’ of varying sizes in care homes throughout the UK. Contact us direct for trade enquiries please.

I run a cafe / restaurant / bed and breakfast / small hotel or similar, can I use the PlugIn?

Yes, and it is being used in all those environments already. Please contact us for trade details.

Where should I not use the Ozofresh PlugIn?

As with and electrical device the OzoFresh PlugIn should not be used anywhere where you would sensibly not use any electrical device. Wet conditions for example or somewhere it could be damaged while operating. You should also not use the device in very enclosed spaces unless they are unoccupied. So while the PlugIn is perfect for perhaps clearing the damp smell from an entrance porch or perhaps a small cupboard, due to the confined space you may find the O3 levels become unusually high. If this does happen, ventilating the area will clear the excess O3 in just minutes at most.

Can I use it in a kitchen?

Yes, very much so. As long as it is away from splashes and excess heat it will clear even the toughest of cooking smells such as spiced food and frying fish very quickly. For a typical kitchen/diner area you will find even frying smells such as bacon or lamb chops will be destroyed usually within 30 minutes. So, buy the time you go to the do the washing up, you should have a clean, fresh smelling, kitchen again.

Where do our customers use the Ozofresh PlugIn?

That has a big answer because our extensive testing included a variety of situations and since the launch of the device it has been used in an amazing array of different situation. One customer uses it in a tack room where two PlugIns work together to clear the horse smell and another uses it on an extension cable to clear the odours from a beloved, but rather old, car. Just some of the places it can be used are:

  • Kitchens
  • Living Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Hallways and entrance porches
  • Workshops
  • Rooms with Pet Odours
  • Smelly ‘shoe rack’ areas
  • And just about anywhere odours develop or linger.