It’s that time of year again when we all get out the mop and the yellow dusters to give our caravans a bit of good, old-fashioned, elbow grease and clean it through before we hit the road to enjoy the sunshine. The Ozofresh PlugIn is the perfect partner to ensure that once your caravan is clean – it stays smelling that way. Plug it in, click the switch and it will start to purr while it literally destroys odours

Here are just some of the ways the PlugIn can help you make summer even fresher.

  • Pre-clean deodourising. Simply put the PlugIn in each room in the caravan and leave to run for a 15 – 30 minutes. The clever technical stuff inside will then clean and freshen the air.
  • Get rid of stale odours. There is nothing quite like that persistent ‘musty’ smell that hangs around in the first few weeks of the season. Plug, click, purr and the smell is gone never to return.
  • On the road your living area soon beings to develop that ‘summer funk’ made by wet swimming gear, cooking smells and even yesterday’s wine for the party animals amongst us. The PlugIn can deal with all those smells by destroying them not just covering them with a nasty chemical smell.
  • Taking the dog? Why take his distinctive doggy aroma as well? The PlugIn is safe for your pooch (unlike some air fresheners) and it will make short work of his special canine cologne – even if he has been wet or, horror of horrors, rolling in the stuff dogs just love to roll in.

UK designed and made to the highest standards, unscented, no chemicals, totally safe to use and eco-friendly, the PlugIn uses natural O3 gas to literally destroy odours completely. It may just be the best thing to take on holiday.

Well, OK maybe second best after the dog.

The Ozofresh PlugIn – Plug, click and purr your way to a fresh smelling caravan.