Getting the best from your Ozofresh

Top ten tips:

  1. The plug in is suitable for areas of 35 cubic metres or less, for example,Ozofresh Plug In in a socket a room that is 4m x 4m x 2m. If you have an open plan area, then you may need two or three plug ins to be effective on those unwanted odours.
  2. The Ozofresh plug in works best in temperatures of 24°C or less.
  3. The Ozofresh plug in air purifier produces a small amount of ozone which will be circulated around the room by the small and quite fan, so please do not cover the vents.
  4. In areas where there are stronger odours, it is best placed in an electrical socket that is not hidden by furniture to allow the ozone to circulate. The windows need to be closed, doors closed and the Ozofresh plug to run for a couple of hours or until the unwanted odour has gone, then simply switch off.
  5. The Ozofresh plug in has a 12-month warranty and requires no consumables. It can be used in the home and small office, lounges, kitchens, bedrooms, utility areas, hallways, reception areas.
  6. The Ozofresh can be used on holiday or trips away. Use in hotels rooms, caravans, boats to remove any previous guest odours. Just plug in to the wall socket and let it run until the room becomes fresh.
  7. There are many other applications for the Ozofresh Air purifier, removing stale food smells, smoking, body odour, pet smells, and cooking odours.
  8. If you are a care home or looking after relatives at home with incontinence, then leave the plug in to run in the area to keep them in check.
  9. In the kitchen, if you want to remove cooking smells, such as fried fish or curry which can linger for a few hours after the cooking is over, then place the plug in a wall socket near the cooking area and leave to run until the odours have gone and then switch off.
  10. The Ozofresh plug in does not like damp areas, so please do NOT place in a damp bathroom, this will cause moisture to be drawn into the unit and shorten its life.

If you have any tips and advice on your successes with the Ozofresh plug in, then please email us at